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they ripped Toyota a new one with the hilarious reenactment of a Prius going out of control. Cast member, Kenan Thompson, was driving the accelerator-stuck, green machine as it crashed through the woods all the while cussing the car at the top of his lungs. I laughed uncontrollably. Toyota is really taking it on the chin as of late; so bad that my 8-year daughter made me "pinky-promise" her that I would 'never ever, ever' buy a Toyota. I asked her why, and she said "because I love you daddy and I don't want you to crash." YES Toyota, your PR has been that bad.

To some this story may already be 'old news'...we are more concerned with the oil spill and economy than we are with Toyota's problems; however, there are huge lessons than we can learn. All of us in the business community have been affected by the down turn economy, but like Toyota we can't focus on the past. We must look ahead to the light at the end of the tunnel...just as long as that light is not the head lamps of an out of control Prius!

Most failures or financial set backs in today's economy are unforgivable. All of us have whined about the competition at some point. ["They are doing the work at cost!"] That is a dangerous game to play in my industry and for contractors one false move while operating at 'break even' highly increases safety concerns and major financial risk. But what happens when your business takes a step back due to a product failure like Toyota? For most American businessmen and women, failure comes with risk and sometimes that's part of the game we play.


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